Whole Exome Sequencing Service

Ultimate exonic coverage and customizable bioinformatics


Experience the Comprehensive Exome Panel Covering All Exonic Regions of Every Commercially Available Panels

Celemics whole exome sequencing panel is designed to cover all the exonic regions of major exome panels in the market, allowing us to provide the ultimate coverage of the whole human exome.
Here, we introduce whole exome panel that consistently delivers the highest quality of results to our valued customers.With this advancement, we can offer cost-effective sequencing service solutions that the market has never seen before.

Experience the Comprehensive Exome Panel Covering All Exonic Regions of Every Commercially
Features & Benefits

Introducing a Panel with the Most Comprehensive Whole Exome Coverage

Celemics whole exome panel presents complete whole exome coverage; covering exonic regions of major exome panels (37.1 Mb) with > 98% coverage.

Along with extensive exome coverage, our proprietary technology provides market-leading on-target ratio and uniformity with superior performance in GC-rich or other ‘hard-to-capture’ regions.

Extensive Compatibility; Ranging from Sample to Sequencing Platform

Celemics’ whole exome sequencing Introduces simplified workflow that can reduce time and cost for your discoveries.

The panel is designed and proven to be compatible with all types of specimen; ensuring the quality data even with FFPE, low-quality or limited amount of sample.

Thanks to Celemics’ outstanding assay optimization technology, the WES panel can flexibly integrated with various sequencing platform without compromising any quality of data produced.

Industry-leading On-target Ratio and Uniformity, Even with Difficult FFPE Samples

With panel consists of precisely designed and fine-tuned probe sets, Celemics WES will provide promising results even with challenging samples, such as FFPE, low quality sample, or even limited yield clinical specimen.

Using our core technology to optimize the probes and reagents, you will witness market-leading on-target ratio and uniformity regardless of the sample types- whether it is simple genomic DNA or challenging FFPE.

Superior Performance in the Market

Celemics WES Panel shows exceptional performance compared to other competitor products in both germline and FFPE analysis.
(A) 1-PCT OFF BAIT (higher the better)
(B) Fold 80 base penalty (lower the better)

* Third-party laboratories (Certified Service Providers)
conducted a comparison study between the Celemics WES Panel, Company A and Company I panels. Reference materials NA12878, NA12891, NA12892 for germline analysis, and HD832 for FFPE analysis were used with same amount. Illumina instruments were used for the sequencing. The data from the three panels were downsampled to 5.4 Gb.

On target performance graph
Uniformity graph

Full Bioinformatics Support with Extensive Data Analysis Options

Team of in-house Bioinformatics experts will simplify the data interpretation by complete analysis support from FASTQ to clinical interpretation.

Different analytic-tiers for clinical interpretations or any other types of data analysis can also be provided per request.

CAS (Celemics Analysis Service) Workflow

CAS infograph
CAS report

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