Targeted Sequencing service with Ready-to-use panel

Superior performance with flexible customization


NGS Targeted Sequencing Service - Ready-to-use Panel

Celemics’ target enrichment sequencing service utilizes hybridization-based capture technology to enable the core process of targeted sequencing, which analyzes specific regional sequences of entire genomes. It can also accurately analyze all types of mutations, such as SNV, InDel, CNV, and rearrangement.
Our intrinsic probe design, rebalancing, and molecular barcode technologies to efficiently analyze not only hard-to-capture areas such as GC-rich and homologous regions regardless of sample types and yield.
Additionally, through our proprietary 2-step mass production technology, we can manufacture high quality panels with lot-to-lot uniformity to ensure data reproducibility.
For all Celemics developed ready-to-use panels, we use standard DNA samples to run product QC for web-lab tests, NGS runs, and bioinformatics up to the standard of the actual product used by our clients and provide detailed QC information as well, saving time and cost for our clients for additional possible evaluation.

Ready-to-Use Panels

Features & Benefits

Industry-leading Capture Performance Regardless of Panel or Sample Types

Using Celemics’ proprietary core technologies, all ready-to-use panels are precisely designed and fine-tuned proven to show market-leading on-target ratio, uniformity and coverage.

Our sequencing service is applicable to all types of specimen, ranging from simple DNA/RNA even to FFPE, low-yield cfDNA or any other challenging specimen.

Industry-leading performance

With Celemics’ exclusive technologies, we ensure incomparable capture performance for all our ready-to-use panels, regardless of sample types and conditions, compared to other competitor products.

Flexible Customization

Because Celemics owns core technologies for designing and manufacturing our available ready-to-use panels, customers can easily benefit for customization; whether it is gene add-on services for adding additional target regions or developing a complete customized the kits and panels in anyway desired.

Celemcis’ NGS specialists will be available for consults throughout the procedure and all custom-developed panels will be pre-validated through actual sequencing run to ensure the performance.

Wide Compatibility

If you have any Sequencing platform of your preference, let us know!


All Celemics’ ready-to-use panels have been validated on various sequencing platforms; our panels and kits are compatible with numerous sequencing platforms currently available, such as Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Pacific Bioscience, and MGI.

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