High-throughput Genotyping

NGS-based target enrichment genotyping service for animal and plant research


For Molecular Breeding, the Availability and Easy Accessibility of Genomic Resources is a Prerequisite

Celemics introduces sequencing service solution for plant and animal research with NGS-based high-throughput genotyping.

We have utilized NGS and hybridization-based capture technology, whereby a high number of regions of interest are simultaneously enriched using specifically designed probe, to provide new insights into different agricultural genomics research.

High-Throughput Genotyping Panel
Features & Benefits

NGS-based Target Enrichment
Sequencing Assay

Utilizing NGS-based target enrichment method for higher accuracy and cost-effective experiment compared to conventional methods such as conventional GBS, PCR, and microarray

Comprehensive Analysis with High Accuracy

Perform comprehensive assay of 100 to 10,000 markers with minimized false-negative and false-positives as well as for discovering novel SNPs

Outstanding Performance Regardless of Various Origins

Receive high-quality results enabled by species-specifically designed blocking oligos across all types of origins

Maximized Analytic Efficiency

Benefit from Celemics’ library preparation kits, target capture technology, and multiplexing indices specifically designed for high-throughput genotyping

Comparison with Conventional Technologies

Advantages Disadvantage
Conventional GBS 1. Sequencing of multiple samples due to lower amount of data required compared to WGS 1. Limited biomarkers available due to limited conserved regions, reducing overall resolution 2. Unable to detect SNPs in the restriction sites
Microarray 1. Higher reproducibility than conventional>GBS 1. Hard to customize new targets (novel biomarkers)
2. Low flexibility to meet various kinds of genotyping
PCR 1. Cost-effective for low number of samples 2. Easy and fast analysis 1. Limited number of biomarkers to analyze at once
2. Inappropriate for mass-analysis of biomarkers
Celemics Target Enrichment 1. Cost saving : Highly cost-effective when assessing multiple samples
2. Flexible customization : Novel biomarkers can be added or removed
3. Comprehensive analysis : Including novel SNP discovery
4. Exceptional performance : Celemics proprietary blocking oligo design technology
5. Wide compatibility : Compatible with a wide range of sample types

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