Customized NGS Panel

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Celemics’ Quality Customized NGS Panel

At Celemics, we support our customers through target hybridization-based NGS service and products individually designed and manufactured.

We have established a robust system for customized design panels and developed over 1,000 different customized kits and panels according to our customer’s needs.

With our proprietary target enrichment method, customer will be able to retrieve genomic variants and mutation by specifically isolating your genomic loci of interest out of the whole genome with market-leading the sensitivity and higher coverage as well as in-depth sequencing data.

Customized NGS Panel
Features & Benefits

Industry-leading Performance Achieved by Hybridization-based Target Capture Method

Overcome limitations of amplicon-based NGS analysis with thoroughly validated hybridization-based target capture method whilst establishing market-leading capture performance.

Celemics’ proprietary probe design technology will guarantee you superior on-target ratio and uniformity even in hard-to-capture regions, such as GC-rich and homologous regions

Comparison Result

Celemics kit shows much uniform target capture performance, thus enabling high sensitivity and cost reduction


Comparison Result

Company A

Comparison Result

This comparison study was performed with same target region, same data amount, and same analysis method.

Assess All Types of Mutations with High Sensitivity and Specificity

Celemics’ customized NGS panel will assure superior analytical performance compared to competitor products in detecting SNV, InDel, CNV, and rearrangement in a single NGS run with maximized sensitivity and specificity and minimized NGS noise enabled by Celemics unique molecular barcode assay and robust bioinformatics pipeline

Detection sensitivity and specificity

Celemics panels present exceptional detection sensitivity and specificity regardless of mutation types and sample conditions; presenting 100% sensitivity for both AF 0.5% and 1.0% as well as 100 % specificity for ctDNA Lung cancer panel

ctDNA Lung Cancer Panel

100% Sensitivity, 100% Specificity

Celemics customized NGS panel

Other Features

Other features image

Simple ‘Click-to-report’ Bioinformatics Solution

For all Celemics developed customized NGS panel, we can provide Bioinformatics software that processes raw NGS data (FASTQ) to identify characteristics such as mutation type, VAF, and pathogenicity for customer’s conveniences

Other features image

Gene Add-on Service and Various Reaction Unit Options

The gene add-on service enables customers to add new target genes to their existing panels without having to purchase an entirely new panel. This service provides flexibility and cost savings, allowing customers to expand their target regions and achieve a more comprehensive analysis without having to start from scratch.

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Wide Compatibility with NGS Instruments and Instrument-specific Optimization

Our panels are compatible with all NGS instruments from Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific, MGI, and Pacific Bioscience. However, because NGS instruments from different vendors use different library structures, it’s important to optimize the target enrichment kit for each instrument to achieve the best capture performance. To ensure that our panels perform at their best, we have developed proprietary blocker technology and assay optimization know-how. By using a Celemics NGS panel, customers can expand the range of applications they can run on the NGS instruments already installed in their laboratory.

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