Custom NGS Assay Development service

Celemics takes NGS Customization to the Next Level


Custom NGS Assay Development Service

We, as an NGS experts, provide extensive NGS solutions for new insights into various clinical or research fields.

With proprietary probe design and manufacturing technology, Celemics takes Customization to the next level; we offer customized NGS solution for any types of sample you wish to analyze. From simple gene add-on from our existing ready-to-use panel to discovering new targets that you were unable to analyze using current commercially available solutions, we can develop complete set of assay with optimized reagent and buffer for your target of interest.

The process of developing and optimizing custom assay will include not only the customizing the panel design but also designing species-specific or sequencer-specific blockers, followed by reagent and buffer conditioning depending on the customer’s experiment condition and sequencing platform.

Celemics provides tailored-fit customize assay development from designing to validation run; optimizing the custom assay to perfection.

Customized NGS Panel
Features & Benefits

Industry-leading target capture performance with all-round NGS technical specialty

Celemics’ exclusive technology allows development and optimization of all chemical reagents needed for successful NGS experiment.

Regardless of sample type, condition or your target, we will ensure superior on-target ratio and uniformity even in hard-to-capture regions, such as GC-rich and homologous regions, and support the most optimized set for your NGS experiment.

Flexible Customization of Panel Content: Gene Add-on Service and Number of Reactions

Expand your target region of interest without complication. In addition to our various selections of ready-to-use panels, there is an option for’ gene add-on service’ if you wish to modify or include additional target genes to our existing panels.

Celemics can help you maximize the sequencing efficiency by batching the number of reactions required specifically for your experiment.

Take advantage of our flexible customization to minimize your hands-on time and sequencing cost.

Assess All Types of Mutations with High Sensitivity and Specificity

Celemics’ customized NGS panel will assure superior analytical performance compared to competitor products in detecting SNV, InDel, CNV, and rearrangement in a single NGS run with maximized sensitivity and specificity and minimized NGS noise enabled by Celemics unique molecular barcode assay and robust bioinformatics pipeline

Simple ‘Click-to-report’ Bioinformatics Solution

For every custom developed NGS assay, we can provide Bioinformatics software that processes raw NGS data (FASTQ) to identify characteristics such as mutation type, VAF, and pathogenicity for customer’s conveniences

Wide Compatibility: Sample, Sequencer, Automation Platform

Celemics’ NGS panels and kits have been validated with challenging samples. You will witness accurate analysis performed with poor-quality and low-amount specimens such as FFPE, solid tumor, liquid biopsy and more

All assay and panel can be designed to be compatible with all NGS instruments from Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Pacific Bioscience, and MGI as well as various liquid handling automation platform

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