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Biopharma Solution Service

Clinical diagnostics and Companion Diagnostics (CDx) are key disciplines for personalized treatment and precision medicine.

Celemics offers an NGS-based diagnostics solutions for development and commercialization services for biopharma companies.

With our proprietary technologies, we can provide a flexible customization service with desirable targets of interest while maintaining the market leading on-target ratio and uniformity for clinical diagnostics

CancerScreen CDx Panels
Features & Benefits

End-to-End Support from Pilot Trials to Full-Scale Commercialization

Our support for Biopharma partners expedites the commercialization process. We help our partners to meet the quality system requirements and country-specific regulations. By testing through our rigorous in-house validation system, and we provided reliable solutions to our partners to better ensure the quality of our products and meet their goals and needs.

Complete Coverage
with Market-leading Performance

Cover all major genes, including coding exons, concerning mutation for FDA approved therapies with ability to detect all mutation types, including SNV, Inel, Large Indel, CNV, Rearrangements, MSI, and TMB in a single assay. Celemics products will demonstrate strong capture performance against GC rich regions with high coverage and uniformity. All kits and panels can be applied to challenging samples, such as FFPE or low-quality clinical specimens yet will ensure the suitable quality data for clinical diagnostics and interpretation.

Flexible Panel Customization

In order to accomplish a comprehensive panel for efficient diagnosis process, Celemics provides a flexible customization service where additional genes of interest can be added to our existing ready-to-use panels, or even design a full customized panel.

Prior to designing the panel, our experienced researchers and technicians engage in interactive discussion with customers especially over difficult regions such as GC-rich or homologous regions that other companies often fail to capture.

From FASTQ to Clinical-grade Bioinformatics

Experience our full bioinformatic support and customizable Bioinformatics services. The service includes analytics of pathogenicity, drug-association information, and functional information of target genes.

With our proprietary Bioinformatics solution, user will receive clinical-grade reports for simple and convenient diagnosis.

Rapid and Easy-to-use Workflow

Expedite sequencing with no compromise on data quality with rapid one-day protocol. Celemics can help to set up a simplified workflow in anyway our partner wants; we can offer a protocol without using any heavy instruments or a protocol that is fully compatible with automotive liquid handlers.

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