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[Webinar] Cancer Variant Prioritization and Reporting using StrandOmics

In-silico designed and wet-lab validated to ensure state-of-the-art capture performance

[Webinar] Cancer Variant Prioritization and Reporting using StrandOmics

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[Celemics X Strand Life Sciences Webinar]

Celemics and Strand Life Sciences recently announced their partnership to develop a bioinformatics solution that integrates the Celemics bioinformatics pipeline into the StrandOmics environment to enable fast tertiary analysis and reporting of variants from solid tumor genetic tests. The cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant StrandOmics platform relies on a knowledge-base for interpretation of solid tumor and heme variants with over 500 genes, 20,000 variants, 110 FDA drugs and 80,000 clinical trials. StrandOmics has been used to generate clinical reports on ≈10,000 clinical samples tested at Strand’s CAP-accredited genomics lab. It is also used to interpret and report on sequenced data from solid tumor testing for clients in the US and APAC regions. In this webinar our speakers, Dr Urvashi Bahadur and Ernie Kim, will showcase the StrandOmics platform for the interpretation and clinical reporting of solid tumor variants, and additionally discuss the Celemics 405-gene pan cancer solid tumor panel. #Strandomics #bioinformatics #cancervariant #clinicalreport #celemics #ngs #ngspanel #sequencing #webinar