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[Video Manual] Pre-capture Multiplexing Guide | Hybridization and Washing

In-silico designed and wet-lab validated to ensure state-of-the-art capture performance

[Video Manual] Pre-capture Multiplexing Guide | Hybridization and Washing

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Welcome to our helpful video guide on the Pre-Capture multiplexing protocol using CeleMag™ Clean-up Beads for Target Enrichment steps. Once you’ve completed the library preparation with the Celemics Library Preparation Kit, we’ll show you how to combine multiple samples tagged with different indices into groups of 4 , 8 or 12.

✅ Quick heads up: This video is meant to assist you and is not a sequencing input pooling guide. For the best results, we suggest reaching out to our friendly technical support team or referring to the optimized protocol, as this step is super important for the target enrichment process.

✅ You’ll need some 1) CeleMag Clean-up™ Beads, 2) freshly made 80% ethanol, 3) nuclease-free water, and 4) other basic consumables and equipment.

Key moments:
0:13 Introduction | Pre-capture Multiplexing guide
0:23 Before you Start | Pre-capture Multiplexing guide
0:57 Pre-capture Multiplexing of Samples

After prepping your sample, it’s ready to go straight into the next step, which is the hybridization process. Ready to dive in? Let’s move on to the Enhance Hybridization of the Library Steps. If there’s a little delay before the next step, just pop your sample in the freezer at -20°C to keep it in tip-top shape.

Thanks for hanging out with us, and happy experimenting!

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