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[Customer Testimonials] Hitesh Goswami / Co-Founder and CEO at 4basecare

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[Customer Testimonials] Hitesh Goswami / Co-Founder and CEO at 4basecare

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Introducing the ‘Celemics Customer Interview Series’ where we showcase the strengths and products of Celemics’ target enrichment NGS solutions and how we integrate our exclusive NGS technologies to fully support our customers in their NGS journey. Our third customer is 4basecare. Mr. Hitesh Goswami, co-founder and CEO of 4basecare, shares his experience with Celemics and how our customized solutions have benefited his company.


In this interview, Mr. Goswami discusses 4basecare’s innovative work in precision oncology, their development of the world’s first Indian population-specific cancer gene panel, and the significant role Celemics has played in their journey. Discover why 4basecare chose Celemics as their partner in advancing genomic profiling and biomarker testing in the Asia Pacific region.


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Key moments:

0:16 Introduction of Hitesh Goswami and his background

0:46 Overview of 4basecare

2:05 Current projects and research

2:59 Initial factors that attracted Hitesh Goswami to Celemics

3:40 Strengths of Celemics that have impressed Hitesh Goswami the most

4:39 Description of the experience collaborating with Celemics

5:16 Future opportunities for collaboration with Celemics


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