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Respiratory Viral WGS with Celemics Comprehensive Respiratory Virus Panel

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Viruses are continuously evolving in ways that make them increasingly infectious and difficult to cure. The global pandemic caused by the new variants of the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, serves as an example. Thus, the discovery of specific disease-causing viral strains and research into their ability to spread within individuals in a given population have become a paramount public health issue.



PCR-based virus detection techniques, commonly used in general, have the advantage of providing a relatively simple way to confirm the presence of a virus. However, they have a limitation in that they cannot provide information on the occurrence of viral mutations. In contrast, virus whole genome sequencing analysis allows for tracking the occurrence of mutations and variants. However, as the specimen contains a mixture of both viral and human genetic material, this makes direct sequencing inefficient, as a significant proportion of the sequenced data would be from human genome. In such cases, the use of a selective panel for capturing the virus’s genome can be an efficient method for obtaining the virus’s genetic information.



Table 1. CRV Panel Target Virus List

Human Adenovirus Coronavirus Parainfluenza Virus Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Human Adenovirus Type 1 (HAdV-C1) Coronavirus HKU1 Parainfluenza 1 (PIV 1) Respiratory Syncytial Virus A (RSV A)
Human Adenovirus Type 2 (HAdV-C2) Coronavirus NL63 Parainfluenza 2 (PIV 2) Respiratory Syncytial Virus B (RSV B)
Human Adenovirus Type 3 (HAdV-B3) Coronavirus 229E Parainfluenza 3 (PIV 3) Human Metapneumovirus
Human Adenovirus Type 4 (HAdV-E4) Coronavirus OC43 Parainfluenza 4 (PIV 4) A  
Human Adenovirus Type 5 (HAdV-C5) SARS-CoV-2 Parainfluenza 4 (PIV 4) B  
Human Adenovirus 7 (HAdV-B7)      
Human Adenovirus 14 (HAdV-B14   Human Enterovirus Human Rhinovirus (A/B/C)
Human Adenovirus 21 (HAdV-B21) Influenza A EV-C104 Human Rhinovirus A
  Influenza A Virus (Flu A) EV-C105 Human Rhinovirus B
Bocavirus 1/2/3/4 (HBoV) Influenza A-H1 Virus (Flu A-H1) EV-C109 Human Rhinovirus C
Human Bocavirus 1 Influenza A-H3 Virus (Flu A-H3) EV-C117  
Human Bocavirus 2   EV-C118  
Human Bocavirus 3 Influenza B CV-A21  
Human Bocavirus 4 Influenza B Virus (Flu B) EV-D68  



Celemics Comprehensive Respiratory Virus Panel (CRV Panel) was developed to detect and sequence respiratory disease-causing viruses in humans using the NCBI RefSeq database as its foundation. It allows for the Whole Genome Sequencing of 9 different virus types and its 39 strains of clinically significant and prevalent respiratory viruses. With Celemics’ branded technologies, we provide exceptional success rate of respiratory virus detection and whole viral genome sequencing. Furthermore, Celemics also provides an exclusive BI analysis pipeline, Celemics Virus Verifier, optimized for the CRV panel’s design, enabling seamless automated analysis from FASTQ files to visualized reports. Celemics CRV panel’s performance was validated using standard materials for both single-pathogen and multiple-pathogen detection cases. The detection performance of the CRV panel has been evaluated and verified for clinical specimens with various CT-values, demonstrating the applicability across a wide range of virus quantities.


[Celemics Virus Verifier Visualized Report]

Celemics Virus Verifier visualized report