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Efficient DNA Purification with CeleMag™ Clean-up Beads for Next-Gen Sequencing

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With the advent of Next Generation Sequencing technology in the commercial field, the significance and needs for magnetic DNA clean-up beads have been highlighted among biology researchers. The advantages of using magnetic beads for DNA clean-up include simple experimental steps, high reproducibility, robustness, automation friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. These advantages enable customers to efficiently produce their DNA samples for NGS libraries.


Celemics provides CeleMag™ Clean-up Beads to our customers, widely used not only for Celemics library prep kits and target Enrichment kits but also for various other research purposes. The beads are valued for their high efficiency, reproducibility, and robustness. We, therefore, dedicate this post to introduce about CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead and to demonstrate as a powerful tool for DNA purification.


[Process for Purification using CeleMag™ Clean-up Beads]

CeleMag™ Clean-up Beads_NGS Beads_img_1_purification process

The sample (fragmented DNA) is mixed and bound to magnetic beads. Fragments bound to the magnetic beads undergo repeated washing, and the final product of selected size is eluted for the next step.

[DNA Recovery Rate]

Celemics’ exclusive magnetic bead and buffer conditioning technologies ensure that CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead to maximizes DNA recovery after purification with an easy-to-follow protocol. In order to demonstrate the recovery reproducibility, 500 ng of DNA was purified using bead from both CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead and Competitor’s Bead AP. In the replication of 5 samples, CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead showed a higher recovery rate (86.5%) than the competitor’s bead AP (75.8%)

CeleMag™ Clean-up Beads_NGS Beads_img_2

[Fragmented DNA Size Selection]

CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead allows selective isolation of desired fragments depending on the sample-to-bead ratio. This effective and efficient selection and purification ensure a high recovery rate for your NGS libraries. Above results showed a gradual increase in the selected band (marked with orange arrow) as the sample-to-bead ratio decreased. The sample volume was fixed at 50 μL and the bead volume was calculated using the sample volume. Purified samples were analyzed using Agilent TapeStation® 4200.

CeleMag™ Clean-up Beads_NGS Beads_img_3

[Double-Sided Bead Clean-up]

CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead can also be used for double-sided clean-up to remove both very small and very large fragments for your NGS libraries. The provided data demonstrated effective double-sided selection results using CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead, depending on the library-to-bead ratio. Celemics’ cleanup bead provides flexibility to choose the desired fragment sizes you wish to isolate. 

CeleMag™ Clean-up Beads_NGS Beads_img_4


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