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[Blog] Unlock Efficiency: Elevate Your NGS Workflow

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Next-generation sequencing (NGS) procedures require library preparation steps, PCR, purification, and quantification. To enhance procedural efficiency, Celemics introduces the Celemics Normalization Bead (CeleNM™ Bead), featuring a streamlined protocol with reduced hands-on time and superior performance.


Celemics Normalization Bead (CeleNM™ Bead)

Library preparation kits from various vendors typically involve PCR followed by purification and quantification steps. However, CeleNM™ beads combine both purification and quantification in a single experiment, thereby reducing labor and time.

Blog Fig. Process for CeleMag Beads workflow


Procedure of CeleNM™ Beads


The procedure for CeleNM™ Bead closely resembles that of conventional DNA purification beads. Moreover, it is straightforward to follow, allowing customers to use CeleNM™ beads without prior experience with purification beads.


The Performance and Advantage of CeleNM Bead


Using CeleNM™ Bead can minimize NGS data size deviation among samples, resulting in exceptionally even NGS data distribution compared to other quantification methods.

Blog img_Uniform sequencing data distribution


  1. Time and Labor Savings
    CeleNM™ Bead eliminates the need for additional quantification steps. Its procedure closely resembles that of DNA purification beads and can be used for both purification and quantification.

  2. Automation-Friendly
    CeleNM™ Bead shares similar steps with DNA purification beads and can easily integrate into customers’ automation systems. When used with Celemics’ library preparation kit and Target Enrichment kit, CeleNM™ Bead enables full automation of experimental procedures.

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