Refund Policy / Resequencing Policy

Innovation in NGS based material

As a client sample is considered to have initiated the service process from the moment of its receipt by Celemics, any sequencing case that has begun analysis cannot be canceled or refunded. When a machine error or operational mishap by Celemics is discovered for a completed and paid sequencing service case, resequencing can be requested under the following conditions and circumstances:

1. Reanalysis and Resequencing Request Period
A. Up to fifteen (15) days after service fee payment
2. Reanalysis and Resequencing Request Procedure
A. Request submission through company webpage or manager in charge of specific service
3. Standard of Reanalysis and Resequencing Applicability
A. Resequencing is performed on the basis of internal determination that erroneous or poor quality results have been generated by Celemics