Targeted RNA Sequencing Panel

NGS solution for transcriptome, fusion, and isoform analyses


Breakthrough for Transcriptome Analysis

Celemics’ Targeted RNA Sequencing assesses the expression level of selective genes with sufficient level of coverage depth that is higher than that of total mRNA sequencing. Compared to competitor products that targets only parts of an exon, the targeted RNA sequencing developed by Celemics showed relatively higher coverage across a wide range of regions.

Explore the market-leading performance of Celemics’ targeted RNA sequencing for your RNA discovery.

Breakthrough for Transcriptome Analysis

Designed Probe Sequence

Features & Benefits

High-Quality & Highly Efficient RNA Analysis

Accurate analysis of expression level enabled by higher depth of coverage due to specific targeting of genes of interest compared to total RNA sequencing.

Celemics’ optimized probe design and chemistry allow extensive target capture region and therefore enable cost-effective and comprehensive analysis, like gene rearrangement and isoform expression levels or even novel fusion discovery.

Higher coverage depths across a wide range of regions

  • Celemics Targeted RNA Sequencing assesses the expression level of selected genes with a sufficient level of coverage depth higher than that of total mRNA sequencing. Compared to competitor product that targets only parts of an exon, the Targeted RNA Sequencing developed by Celemics showed relatively higher coverage across a wide range of regions.

Applicable to various sample types and conditions

Celemics’ proprietary technology allows reliable sequencing results can be applicable to wide varieties of the sample, ranging from human mRNA, animal to viral or lnc RNA. We have also validated the panel performance generating proficient sequencing data using extremely challenging samples, such as FFPE, cfRNA, environmental swabs, as well as low-viral load specimen.

Coverage from Celemics panel twice as high as Company l at 100X depth

  • The comparison test between Celemics Targeted RNA Sequencing and total RNA sequencing shows that the coverage from Celemics product is 15% higher at 50X and twice as high at 100X.

Flexible Panel Gene Add-on Services and Customization

Celemics offers a flexible gene add-on and customization service where additional genes of interest can be added to the ready-to-use panels, or a customized panel is newly designed and manufactured. Prior to designing the panel, our experienced researchers and technicians engage in interactive discussion with customers especially over difficult regions such as GC-rich or homologous regions that other companies often fail to capture.

Recognized Robustness and Reproducibility

With our technology and in-house raw materials for manufacturing, we strive to achieve robustness for our panels.


Our exclusive techniques for probes and kit synthesis ensure reproducibility; whether it is lot-to-lot or test-by-test.

Other Features

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End-to-end Bioinformatics Support

Full support on Celemics’ developed exclusive Bioinformatics from FASTQ to report, depending on your analyses requirements.

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Double Stranded cDNA Synthesis

Robust technology and chemistry allow cDNA synthesis even from low amount of RNA samples with high accuracy and reduced reaction time

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Flexible Integration on Various Sequencing Platform

Optimized assay and specific blockers allow seamless integration on various different sequencing platforms of your choice while maintaining industry-leading on-target ratio and uniformity.

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