NGS Target Enrichment Panel

Outstanding targeted sequencing performance supported by Celemics core technologies


NGS Target Enrichment Panel

Our target enrichment panel uses hybridization-based capture technology to enable the core process of target sequencing, which is the separation and analysis of specific regional sequences of entire genomes. It can also accurately analyze all types of mutations, such as SNV, InDel, CNV, and rearrangement.
Celemics’ target enrichment panel utilizes our intrinsic probe design, rebalancing, and molecular barcode technologies to efficiently analyze not only hard-to-capture areas such as GC-rich and homologous regions but also tiny amounts of damaged DNA or RNA originated from circulating tumor cells or FFPE samples.

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Features & Benefits

Flawless Design with Industry- leading Performance

With Celemics’ exclusive probe design technologies, our NGS target enrichment panel demonstrates market leading on-target ratio, coverage and uniformity regardless of sample type or conditions. Celemics’ hybridization-based target capture method overcomes the limitations of amplicon-based NGS analysis and guarantees promising sequencing result through precise optimization and validation

Robust Result even in Areas Difficult to Analyze or with Challenging Samples

Unlike other companies purposely mask hard-to-capture areas such as GC-rich and homologous regions, Celemics utilizes proprietary technology to ensure excellent capture performance even in these areas. With our proprietary technology, we guarantee robust sequencing results, even with the most challenging samples, including extremely small amount of DNA/RNA or samples that are damaged or degraded, such as FFPE or ctDNA.

Provision of Molecular Barcoded Kits and Bioinformatics Solution

Celemics provide molecular barcode kit specifically developed to detect mutations in samples with minuscule amounts, such as cfDNA, and bioinformatics algorithm that eliminates duplicates and generates consensus sequences
Along with these advanced feature, we can also provide bioinformatics SW that processes raw NGS data (FASTQ) to identify characteristics such as mutation type, VAF and pathogenicity for customer’s convenience.

Other Features

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Gene Add-on Service for Expanding the Panels

Decrease the novel panel development time and effort through the addition of newly discovered genes or general panel expansion to already existing client panels

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No Need for Heavy Instrument

Enabling experimentation without specific gDNA shearing equipment or QC instrument by providing enzymes and buffers optimized for simplified protocol.

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Flexible Integration on various Sequencing Platform

Optimized assay and specific blockers allow seamless integration on various different sequencing platforms of your choice while maintaining industry-leading on-target ratio and uniformity.

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