Incomparable quality magnetic bead for simple, flexible, and reproducible purification                                                                                                                                                       

Library Preparation Kit

Optimized for high-efficiency Celemics Panels (Standard / EP)


Library Preparation Kit

All Celemics library preparation kits are highly optimized for efficient usage with Celemics ready-to-use or customized panels. Both the Standard and Enzymatic Preparation (EP) kits include end-repair and A-tailing enzyme mix index primers (single or dual), adapters and buffer.

Library Preparation Kit

Library Preparation Workflow for NGS Target Enrichment

Celemics provides two methods for library preparation step, Standard Library Preparation Kit and Enzymatic Preparation Kit (EP Kit).

For Standard Library Preparation Kit (Standard Kit),, customers can use ultra-sonication devices or fragmentase for DNA fragmentation.

The Enzymatic Preparation Kit (EP Kit) EP Kit includes all steps from enzymatic fragmentation to ER/A in a single reaction enabling convenient workflow. EP kit does not need of purification step, allowing for minimal DNA loss.

Library preparation workflow

For Option 1, ultra sonicator is not provided with the kit.
For Option 2, the inclusion of the fragmentase in the kit is optional.

DNA Fragmentation
Standard Fragmentation EP Fragmentation
Option 1. Sonication Option 2. Fragmentase Fragmentase†
Bead Purification & Quantification
NGS Library Preparation
ER / A ER / A ER / A
Adapter Ligation (Single / Dual Index)
Bead Purification
Index PCR
Target Enrichment

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