CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead

Innovative High Purification Efficiency Magnetic Bead for NGS Workflow


CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead

CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead utilizes unique magnetic bead-based chemistry to enable a simple, flexible, and easily reproducible workflow for the purification and size selection of nucleic acids required for your NGS procedure.

Not only it is highly optimized to be used with all Celemics’ target enrichment kits, but CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead will also demonstrate strong compatibility with NGS kits from other providers due to Celemics’ exclusive technology to stabilize the buffer and bead conditions.

Clean-up Beads of Celemics products
Features & Benefits

Superior Recovery Ratio

Celemics’ exclusive magnetic bead and buffer conditioning technologies ensure
CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead to maximize the DNA recovery after purification with easy-to-follow protocols.

Comparison of DNA recovery yield between Celemics' CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead and Competitor's Bead AP

  • 500 ng of DNA was purified using bead from both parties. Average DNA recovery yield of CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead was higher(86.5%; 432.6 ng) than those of purified with Bead AP(75.8%; 378.9 ng)
Celemics cleanup bead_NGS Magnetic bead yield_image
Average amount of DNA recovered(Input 500 ng)
CELEMICS 432.6 ng
Bead AP 378.9 ng

Robust Reproducibility

CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead provides superior reproducibility compared to other competitor products, ensuring robustness and consistency for purification while maximizing the yield.

Comparison of total DNA recovery rate between Celemics' CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead and Competitor's Bead AP

  • 500 ng of DNA was purified using bead from both parties. Of the replicated 5 samples, the overall average of recovered rate of CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead was higher(average of 86.5%) than those of purified with Bead AP(average 75.8%)
Input 500 ng DNA recovered(ng)
Replicate 1 473.6 387.2
Replicate 2 416.0 368.0
Replicate 3 438.4 364.8
Replicate 4 416.0 377.6
Replicate 5 419.2 396.8
Average (ng) 432.6 378.9

Size Selection Capacity

Celemics’ exceptional reagent optimization technology for clean-up bead will allow flexible yet efficacious isolation of desired fragments depending on sample-to-bead ratio options. CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead’s efficient and effective selection and purification capacity will deliver the desired nucleic acids for your NGS workflow.

Fragmented DNA size selection with respect to changes in amount of bead

  • The amount of sample loaded was 50 μL and was analyzed on Agilent’s TapeStation® 4200. The result showed gradual increase in selected band(marked with orange arrow) as the sample to bead ratio decreased.
DNA Size Selection Capacity_NGS workflow_Purification Magnetic bead
Experiment Condition
Sample to Bead Ratio 1.8X 1.5X 1.2X 1.1X 1.0X 0.9X 0.8X 0.7X 0.6X 0.5X


Product Product Unit
CeleMag™ Cleand-up Bead 5 mL
50 mL
500 mL

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