Privacy Policy

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Celemics, Inc takes the protection of personal information on the Internet very seriously.
We will do our best to protect Information related to all website visitors' privacy and prevent illegal personal information leakage and damage.
Celemics, Inc's privacy policy consists of the following contents.

1. General Rule
Personal Information is Information about a surviving individual and refers to Information that can identify the individual according to the name, etc. included in the report.
(Report is Including those that can be easily combined and identified with other Information, even if the Information alone cannot identify a specific individual)
Celemics, Inc places great importance on the personal information of members and complies with relevant laws such as the 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.」, and 「Personal Information Protection Act」. We are doing our best to protect our rights and interests.
Through the privacy policy, we inform you of the purposes and methods of using the personal information provided by members and what measures are being taken to protect personal information.
We are taking measures to easily view the personal information processing policy by disclosing it on the website's first screen.
To continuously improve the personal information processing policy, the Company has established the necessary procedures to revise the personal information processing policy. Also, when revising the personal information processing policy, a version number is assigned so that members can easily recognize the revised matter.
2. Purpose of collection and use of personal information
1) Used for marketing and advertising
    Use of statistical analysis data for each customer, market research, information on new services (including products) and event information, information on webzine and the latest company information, DM, SMS, mail, delivery of prizes and event information, event winner selection, individual notification, and prizes delivery
2) Customer management
    Catalog application and delivery, product value and event participation, giveaway/DM, the survey of satisfaction with service
3) Used for marketing and advertising of CELEMICS
    New service development and event-related advertising information guidance, informational/advertising push message major, event giveaway delivery, customer-specific statistical analysis data utilization, market research, customer-tailored marketing
4) Celemics, Inc Service Improvement
    According to demographic characteristics, analysis and service provision identifies access frequency and statistical processing of service use.
3. Items of personal information to be collected and methods of collection
1) Collection Items
Classification by channel Required collection items
Website Visitors e-mail, name, mobile phone number, support or organization name, organization type, country, postal code, service use record, access log, cookie, access IP information

※ When collecting events and additional personal information, we will separate required/optional items for collection, notify customers of the collection purpose and retention period of personal information in the relevant page and signature, and obtain additional consent.

2) How to collect personal information
    Website ( Service use, writing, e-mail, phone, event application, etc. Celemics's mobile app use generated information collection through log analysis program, information collection by cookie, event application, from affiliates Offer of
  • ※ The above personal information includes the content of personal data at the time of collection, and the case of retaining the scope of personal data changed afterward.
3) The company has a procedure in which customers can select "agree" or "disagree" for the contents of the company's information collection/use agreement. If the customer disagrees, the use of the service and provision of benefits may be restricted.
4. Retention and use period of personal information
1) The company retains and uses the customer's personal information from the time it collects the customer's data until it achieves the purpose of consent for collecting and using personal data. Destroy without delay.
2) However, if it is obligated to preserve it according to the provisions of related laws such as the Commercial Act, the company keeps the customer's personal information. In this case, the company only uses the information it holds for storage, and the retention period is as follows.
  • ① Information related to the company's commercial ledger and essential documents and slips related to business: 10 years-Important documents / 5 years-Slips (Commercial Law)
  • ② Information related to books and supporting documents for all transactions: 5 years (National Tax Basic Law, Corporate Tax Law)
  • '
  • ③ Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription, records on payment and supply of goods, etc.: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
  • ④ Records on consumer complaints or dispute settlement: 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
  • ⑤ Tax invoice or receipt issued with the ledger: 5 years (Value Added Tax Act)
  • ⑥ Service usage record, access log, access IP information under the 「Communication Secret Protection Act」: 3 months
  • ⑦ Other data confirming communication facts under the 「Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc.」: 12 months
  • ⑧ Records on display/advertisement under the 「Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc.」: 6 months
5. Provision of personal information to a third party
1) The company will notify members of the collected personal information through updates to provide higher quality services.
6. Consignment of personal information processing
The company entrusts some of the tasks necessary for service provision to external companies, and compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information protection, the confidentiality of personal information, the prohibition of provision to third parties, and liability in accidents consignment business contracts, etc. We regulate and manage to comply with the burden, consignment period, and obligation to return or destroy personal information after processing ends.
※ The list of consignment companies is subject to change depending on the service change and contract period, and when changes are made, prior notice will be made through notice.
Consigned work content Trustee
System maintenance/maintenance
7. Personal information destruction procedure and method
In principle, the Company shall destroy personal information without delay after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, unless it is necessary to preserve confidential information under other laws.
The destruction procedure and method are as follows.
1) Destruction procedure
    The personal information provided by the customer to the company is transferred to a separate DB (separate filing cabinet in the case of paper) after the purpose of collection and use is achieved, and according to the reason for information protection under internal policies and other related laws (refer to the retention and use period) ) It is destroyed after being stored for a certain period. Personal information transferred to a separate DB will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of being retained unless required by law.
2) Method of destruction
    Personal information stored in an electronic file format is deleted using a technical method that cannot reproduce the record.
    Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or incineration.
8. Rights of customers and legal representatives and how to exercise them
1) We do not collect member information such as customer inquiries and subscriptions from children under 14. If the data collected by customers under the age of 14 is discovered, the record will be deleted or canceled with the customer's consent.
2) For the company, customers may request their personal information and legal representatives to view and provide personal information of children under 14 and correct errors.
3) Customers can access the above rights online by accessing the company homepage and going through the personal information management menu and offline by contacting the customer center or the company's information manager through written, telephone, or e-mail. It can be exercised.
4) When a customer requests the correction of personal information errors, the company does not use or provide the personal information until the error correction is completed. If the personal data has already been provided to a third party, an Error correction is being made.
5) In principle, if the customer or legal representative withdraws consent (termination of subscription), the Company shall destroy it without delay; however, in the case of mandatory retention under related laws, the Privacy Policy '4. Personal information is processed according to the period of retention and use of personal data', and measures are taken to be viewed or used only when necessary.
9. Matters concerning measures to ensure the safety of personal information
※ Technical/administrative protection measures for personal information
The company applies the following technical/organizational measures to ensure security so that personal data is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered, or damaged when processing customer personal information.
1) Technical action
    ① Encryption of customer information
  • The personal information of valuable customers is encrypted and stored in the DB so that even if the external intrusion leaks it, the personal information of customers cannot be used.
    ② Installation of security solution
  • To provide services and safely manage customer information, we install vaccine programs, regularly update, regularly check personal information processing systems, and apply DB encryption solutions and screen capture prevention solutions. Besides, we installed an intrusion prevention/detection system to prepare external intrusions such as hacking and continuously monitored in practice for hacking and external intrusion through the integrated security control center.
2) Managerial measures
    ① Personal information management system establishment
  • To manage personal information safe, we have established and operated a private information management system.
    ② Operation of the Personal Information Protection Committee
  • A committee for protecting the company's personal information has been formed to hold committee meetings at least twice a year, and efforts are made to improve and correct matters such as the operation of the personal information management system and personal information protection issues.
    ③ Personal information handler management
  • We receive personal information protection pledges for individual information controllers who process customers' personal information and conduct personal information protection training at least twice a year to ensure the importance and safe customer information management. We are also minimizing the access and exposure to unnecessary customers' personal information by managing the personal information controller's rights.
10. Matters concerning the installation, operation, and rejection of the automatic collection device for personal information
The company operates cookies' that store and find customer information from time to time. Cookies are tiny text files that the server used to manage the company's website to the customer's browser and are stored on the customer's computer hard disk. The company uses cookies for the following purposes.
1) Purpose of use such as cookies
    Cookies, etc. are used to provide targeted marketing and personalized services by analyzing the frequency of access to the website and visiting time, identifying and analyzing the customer's interests, participating in various events, and identifying the number of visits. Customers have the option of installing cookies. Therefore, the customer may allow all cookies by setting options in the web browser, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to keep all cookies.
2) How to reject cookie settings

As a method of dismissing cookie settings, you can accept all cookies, check each time you save cookies, or refuse to save all cookies by selecting your web browser option.

However, if you refuse to store cookies, some services that require login may be difficult to use

※ Example of the setting method (for Internet Explorer): Tools at the top of the web browser> Internet Options> Personal Information> Advanced> Select Setting Method

11. Matters concerning the person in charge of personal information protection and handling complaints related to personal information
1) The company appoints the department in charge and the person in charge of personal information protection as follows to protect the personal information of customers and to handle complaints related to personal information.
  • - Personal Information Protection Officer: Hyoki Kim (CEO)
  • - Tel : +82-2-6746-8067
  • - E-mail :
2) When a customer submits an opinion or complaint about the company's handling of personal information to the above customer service department or the person in charge of personal information protection, the company will promptly and faithfully resolve the problem.
3) If you need to report or consult about any other personal information infringement, please contact the following agency.
  • Personal Information Infringement Report Center (operated by Korea Internet & Security Agency)) : / (Without area code)118
  • Supreme Prosecutors' Office Internet Crime Investigation Center: / +82-2-3480-3573
  • National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center: / 1566-0112
12. Matters concerning changes to the privacy policy
If the Company changes this Privacy Policy, the Company will notify the reason and the contents of the change at least 7 days in advance through the notice section on the first screen of the Internet homepage or through a separate window.
This policy will take effect on November 12, 2020