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African Swine Fever Virus Sequencing Service

Specifically designed to Identify various of ASFV in a single NGS reaction

Available to investigate the cause and infection route


The high morbidity and mortality of African swine fever (ASF)
has a severe impact on the global swine industry.

However, currently there is no effective treatments or vaccines commercially available. The ASFV panel is designed to identify 26 strains of genotype II virus in a single NGS run. The panel can be utilized for identifying the cause and infection route.

Features &

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    Swine-specific blocking reagent
    Provides swine-specific blocking reagent that effectively blocks the repetitive
    sequences and allows for selectively retrieving the ASFV sequence
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    Comprehensive analysis of ASFV subtypes
    Detect genotype II virus subtypes with specifically designed probes
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    Convenient testing
    Highly accurate results from blood sample, that is considered more
    challenging due to its lower viral load compared to concentrated
    culture supernatant or spleen tissue sample



Celemics’ African Swine Fever Virus Panel uses DNA samples obtained from swine peripheral blood which contains a low amount of viral DNA compared
to other tissue samples such as the spleen. Because blood samples are easier to obtain compared to other sample types, this panel provides convenience
in the experimental preparation stage. Also, target capture probes specialized for ASFV DNA provide sufficient virus sequence information,
leading to a cost-effective experimental experience by preventing additional NGS operation.


Advanced target enrichment technology enabling
exceptional capture performance with high
coverage and uniformity
The panel validation result shows high uniformity
and high coverage at all levels
Outstanding target capture performance
to cost-effective research and virus detection
With the same sequencing amount, target enrichment (TE)
NGS yielded 29% virus reads out of a total of 1,039,018 reads
while whole genome sequencing (WGS) yielded 0.5%
virus reads (green) out of a total of 39,261 reads.


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    Research and detection of ASFV virus

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    Investigation of route of ASFV infection