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Circulating Tumor DNA Sequencing Service – Colorectal / Lung / Breast

Discover and Accelerate with Reliable result

Highly Optimized Panel for Clinical Testing with Exceptional Accuracy


The detection sensitivity for low-frequency variants from a limited
amount of sample is of a great importance of ctDNA analysis kit.

Celemics has developed ctDNA kit for colon, breast, lung cancer assay through a collaborative
research with Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) since 2017.
We have integrated our market leading proprietary technologies including probe design
algorithms, noise removal techniques, and reagents optimization.
The panel is thoroughly validated and ready to use for clinical diagnosis.

Features &

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    Detects ctDNA for Colorectal cancer, Breast cancer, and Lung cancer
    Assess 16 key genes for Colorectal cancer, 14 for Breast cancer,
    15 for Lung cancer
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    Highly optimized panel for clinical testing with exceptional accuracy
    Complete validated panel performance conducted with patient samples
    through collaborative research with Seoul National University Hospital
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    Provides Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMI) and Bioinformatics Software
    Receive high-quality data supported by Celemics proprietary UMI algorithms
    and analysis software, enabling efficient duplication removal
    and minimizing sequencing noise
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    Algorithms to reduce sequencing background noise to
    accurate analysis of low-frequency variants
    Celemics applies algorithms for reducing the sequencing noise
    to provide accurate and reliable sequencing results to our customers


  • Colorectal Cancer
    Sensitivity Freq. 0.5% 100%
    Freq. 1.0% 100%
    Specificity 97.9%
  • Breast Cancer
    Sensitivity Freq. 0.5% 94.4%
    Freq. 1.0% 100%
    Specificity 96.3%
  • Lung Cancer
    Sensitivity Freq. 0.5% 100%
    Freq. 1.0% 100%
    Specificity 100%

Every three ctDNA panels of Celemics showed over 94% of sensitivity and 96% of specificity which fitted at ctDNA research and clinical field


Workflow of Celemics’ Circulating Tumor DNA Panel

  • Able to assess ctDNA with ultra-low variant allele frequency (VAF)
  • Modular algorithm to be applied in the existing pipeline.
  • Retrieves more unique reads than that from conventional duplication
    removal algorithm reducing sequencing costs
  • Noise removal and accurate calls due to proprietary consensus sequence
    generation algorithm

Bioinformatics SW for noise reduction and duplicate read recovery

  • Minimizes the noise for accurate analysis of variants with ultra-low VAF from ctDNA
  • Generates consensus read to support noise suppression
  • Continuous improvement of the noise removal technology by data accumulation


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    Early diagnosis of cancers

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    Observation of the prognosis