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Targeted RNA Sequencing Service

Cover all gene regions allowing for assessing the expression level of all exons

Offer the cost-effective, high-quality analysis & compatible with a variety of sample types


Celemics’ Targeted RNA sequencing Service is the best choice for
research of gene expression and rearrangement even with poor
quality pecimen including FFPE and cfRNA.

Our robust probe design technology provide high coverage of all exon region of the genes of
interest, allowing comprehensive gene expression analysis, including isoform analysis similar
to total RNA sequencing.
In addition, Celemics proprietary BI(Bioinformatic) analysis service can support all customers
who need assistance for data analysis and new to RNA sequencing by NGS technology.

Features &

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    Cost-effective high-quality analysis
    Accurate analysis of expression level enabled by higher depth
    of coverage due to specific targeting of genes of interest
    compared to total RNA sequencing
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    Compatible with a variety of sample types
    Receive reliable results from poor-quality samples such as FFPE
    and low amount samples such as cfRNA
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    Expression level in all regions of genes of interest
    Covers all gene regions allowing for assessing
    expression level of all exons
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    Gene rearrangement analysis
    Detects rearrangement and all other types of variants
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    Isoform analysis
    Identify isoform expression levels
    by assessing the entire regions of targeted genes.


Celemics targeted RNA sequencing assesses the expression level of selected genes with a sufficient level of coverage depth higher
than that of total mRNA sequencing. Compared to competitor product that targets only parts of an exon,
the Targeted RNA sequencing developed by Celemics showed relatively higher coverage across a wide range of regions.

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The comparison test between Celemics targeted RNA sequencing and total RNA sequencing shows
that the coverage from Celemics product is 15% higher at 50X and twice as high at 100X.



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    Gene expression profiling

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    Detection of structural variations of gene

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    Validation of results from total RNA sequencing