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Celemics Whole Exome Sequencing Kit

Ultimate Exonic Coverage · Customizable Bioinformatics · One-day Protocol


Celemics Whole Exome panel is a comprehensive solution
that covers all target regions of major WES panels available
in the market.

Celemics Whole Exome is a comprehensive whole exome panel that covers the target
regions of major WES panels in the market.

With the target size of 37 Mb, the panel does not compromise performance in terms of
coverage and uniformity, enabling highly efficient and cost-effective sequencing of the
whole human exome.

Celemics panels also perform well against hard-to-capture regions such as GC-rich regions.
Regarding spike-in options, we also have the ability to customize our WES panel according
to your needs by including mitochondrial or intronic regions at your request.

The panel is also supported by Celemics Analysis Service (CAS),
an end-to-end bioinformatics solution.

Celemics WES Panel

  • T2 Exome
  • T Exome
  • I Exome
  • A Exome
Encompassing all target regions of major WES panels in the market.

Features &

Complete Whole Exome Coverage
Covering exonic regions of major exome panels (37 Mb) with
>98% coverage.
Rapid One-Day Protocol
Expedite exome sequencing with no compromise
on data quality.
Superior Performance in the Market
Strong capture performance against GC-rich regions as well
as higher quality in coverage and uniformity.
No Need for Heavy Instruments
Simplify your workflow with alternative methods for sample
shearing, concentrating, and QC.
Gene Add-On Service
Use your tailored exome panel by adding spike-in mtDNA
or intronic regions of interest.
Complete Walkaway Automation
Automate from sample preparation to hybridization on
Hamilton, Bravo, or Sciclone.
FASTQ to Clinical Interpretation Support
Experience our full bioinformatics support
and customization service.
Flexible Integration with NGS Sequencers
Seamlessly integrated with Illumina and MGI sequencers.


CAS  (Celemics Analysis Service) Workflow

    • NGS Data [FASTQ]
    • Alignment
    • Variant
    BAM, Annotated VCF
  • Secondary
    CNV, Large InDel,
    Fusion, TMB, MSI
    • Variant
      and Preclassi
    • Clinical
    Clinical interpretation,
    Visualization, Heatmap,
    Phylogeny, etc.
  1. Analysis Option

  2. Output

  3. Analysis Step

Clinical Report Example : Includes pathogenicity and drug associated information


Target size 37 Mb
Covered region CCDS, RefSeq, Gencode
Multiplexing option 4 / 8 / 12-plex enrichment
Platform All sequencers of Illumina and MGI
Uniformity 93% (0.2x mean depth coverage uniformity)
On-target 90% (1-PCT OFF BAIT*)
Bioinformatics Support
  • 1. Primary Analysis: FASTQ to annotated VCF
  • 2. Secondary Analysis: CNV, Large InDel, TMB&MSI
  • 3. Tertiary Analysis: Clinical interpretation
  • 4. Visualization curation: Heatmap, CNV visualization, statistical analysis, etc.
*PCT OFF BAIT : The fraction of passing filter bases aligned that are mapped away from any baited region


CES Standard
CES Expanded
Disease-Specific Panels
Target size 13.8 Mb 19.6 Mb 37-1,159 kb
# of genes 5, 508 7, 513 14-293
Covered region CDS, hotspots CDS, hotspots, mitochondrial genome Whole CDS, hotspots