• Just like a chameleon utilizing its
    colored pigments and crystals to
    adapt to its surroundings,
    we proactively pioneer and adapt to
    the everchanging NGS markets with
    our cutting-edge technology to
    support our customer’s needs.

CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead

Simple, Flexible and Reproducible workflow for purification


CeleMag™ Clean-up Beads utilize unique magnetic bead-based chemistry to enable a simple, flexible, and easily
reproducible workflow for the purification and size selection of nucleic acids.


Key Features


1. Market leading purification and size selection efficiency

2. Highly optimized for Celemics Target Enrichment kits

3. Consistent, flexible size selection


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  • CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead provides highly comparable performance to competitor product in size selection workflows,
    achieving consistent DNA size distributions and yielding desired library sizes
  • CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead also provides equivalent NGS Library preparation recovery efficiency compared to competitor product