• Just like a chameleon utilizing its
    colored pigments and crystals to
    adapt to its surroundings,
    we proactively pioneer and adapt to
    the everchanging NGS markets with
    our cutting-edge technology to
    support our customer’s needs.

CeleMag™ Streptavidin Bead

High biotin-streptavidin binding capacity with Superior Performance


CeleMag™ Streptavidin Bead selectively isolates biotinylated ligands using binding properties of biotin.

Its high performance enables the isolation of target genes that are bound to probes
and minimizes DNA loss during the target enrichment process.


Key Features


1. High biotin-streptavidin binding capacity

2. Superior target enrichment efficiency



Superior performance of Celemag™ Streptavidin Bead compared to competitor products