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NGS-Lab Building Consulting
Celemics provides an optimal solution for clients seeking consultative services for the operations of an independent NGS Lab. Our NGS lab building consulting services help clients to avoid redundant investments and mitigate the risks of experiment failure. Celemics offers personalized consulting services pertaining to entire NGS experiment processes. Specialty areas include NGS high throughput equipment, Bioinformatics server selection, NGS experimental protocol training, and Bioinformatics pipeline development. Clients can assist in having your independent NGS Lab "off the ground" and operating in just a short period of time.
Optimal selection of NGS equipment and experiment protocol
Bioinformatics server & analysis system set-up
Training for entire NGS experiment processes
Provide required kits and necessary reagents at competitive pricing
1. Optimal selection of NGS equipment and experiment protocols
Setting-up an NGS Lab along with experimental variables can be costly and time consuming. Celemics has built optimal processes for NGS experimental applications and has been successfully implementing these operations for several years . We provide optimal solutions for a wide range of NGS experiment processes (i.e. Sample prep., QC, sequencing, and Bioinformatics).
2. Bioinformatics server & analysis system set-up
We provide support for the integration of each facet of NGS data analysis environments, including server setup and the design and initiation of the pipeline. On the basis of our extensive experience, we provide integral support services during your development of an optimal pipeline according to your environment.
3. Training for entire NGS experimental processes
We offer personalized training on equipment, experimental processes, server selection, and Bioinformatics pipeline development for your own operation.
4. Provide kits and various samples at competitive pricing
Significant costs incurred to operate NGS experiments are often associated with the costs of reagents for sample processing. Celemics develops the needed kits for sample processing and preparation while helping our clients reduce the overall costs associated with NGS applications.